an engagement session is a valuable investment for you. It creates an authentic and raw experience that isn't always available on a wedding day.


Break the ice. Get to know me and I get to know you both! I can observe how you two love other and I learn the best way to capture it all. Think of it as a practice for the real thing. It also gives you both an idea of what your wedding photos may look like!


The images can actually be put to use! Utilse them for save the date cards or you're actual invitations. Use them on your wedding website if you're doing that or even a facebook event cover photo if that's more up your alley. Another idea is wedding decor too!


Freeze the moment! This is such an amazing time in you lives. It's not like you're engaged forever. Savor the moment for the future!


Capture something you both love! Enjoy hiking? What about playing video games? Or are you both car lovers? Whatever you both love, engagement session don't have to be the "normal" posed ring stuff. It can be personal to you both! I mean how cool would it be to have photos of that. Super special too!


Calm the nerves. Never had your photo taken before? The final reason is a big one. Get comfortable in front of the camera. Book in an engagement session!