Why you should book an In Home Session...

The home. It's often overlooked. Instead we dress ourselves up, find a beautiful space on sunset and capture the memories. But is that the real deal or is it the 'ideal'?

What's so special about your home?

  • The kids. They are comfortable in the house. They know the environment and are happy to be themselves. This also means I can get those genuine smiles and laughs.
  • IT. IS. WARM. This one speaks for itself.
  • Quick outfit changes. No need to pack a million outfits in case of an accident. You are home so it’s super easy to change even for a few photos ;)
  • So many photo locations! Main bedroom, bathroom, backyard, kitchen, lounge room etc. Who said you had to keep it in the same spot?
  • Time. During your session, I allow up to 1 hour to capture it all. If the kids are playing in the mud outside, I'm there capturing it. I have the time so you have the photos.
  • The mess is actually beautiful. Yes. I said it. The "mess" is all part of it. The more we acknowledge that it's actually normal, the easier it is it deal with it.

The final one is important. The house...The images will show all the memories, the house, the chaos, the truth. This is what you look back on in 10/20 years time. These photos brings back those crazy memories and it will remind you how thankful you are for your life and family. So book that damn session and don't worry about the mess you might have. It just LIFE!

Madds, Matt invited me into their home when the twins were just 3 weeks old!

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