Entering a new chapter...

Over the past (almost) 5 years, Snaps By Madds was my "side hustle" as they call it. Although it never actually felt like that to me. It was my expressive corner, my artistic outlet and my community. It was always there to work on and always available when I needed it. Recently the demand has grown significantly and in many ways, helped me realised that it is what I want to pursue.

As of February 2022, I will be pursuing Snaps By Madds full time!

This is such an achievement for myself and others around me. They have all seen the ups and downs, the crazy spirals I create, the effort I put in. I invite you to see the journey and encourage not only myself but those small businesses around you. Its a scary but rewarding decision.

No doubt that with time, you will see more of me and what I can create,

Signing off for now, Madds

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