We need your help!

Bored at home? Scrolling and scrolling? Is it all starting to look the same? Small businesses are calling out for your help!

Let me guess, you've either been told to stay home, work from home etc? Well small businesses cant just stop like you! Their incomes rely on clients and customers supporting them. You can help and not even spend a single cent!

How can i help?

  1. SOCIAL MEDIA - Share posts, content, photos. Give that business a review for when they did offer you that service! Book for when the pandemic is all over! All these small effortless things can get the word out about that business.
  2. NON-CONTACT DELIVERY - Small and local business and converted to an online store. This means the goods arrive straight to your door (usually free postage). Who doesn't want that?
  3. GIFTS - Someone special having a birthday or anniversary coming up? Why not support those struggling businesses and get that amazing gift delivered straight to your special ones door!
  4. MONEY - Yes, the most obvious one. I've saved it for last because its not always accessible to people. Spend that money on that item or product you've been eying off! Just do it.

People like myself enjoy the little things in life. We are living through history right now and those little things mean a lot!

Thank you for supporting local businesses! We appreciate it all!