Tips for Headshots and Business Photography!

Hey there!

Are you gearing up for your upcoming headshot session? Whether it's for your LinkedIn profile, business website, or just to have a snazzy new photo, I've got you covered with some quick style tips to ensure you shine in front of the camera.

1. Keep it Clean and Simple

A classic look never fails. Opt for solid colours that complement your skin tone. Think crisp whites, subtle blues, or elegant blacks. Avoid overly busy patterns or logos that might distract from your awesome personality.

2. Reflect Your Personality

Your clothing is an extension of who you are, so let it speak volumes! If you're known for your vibrant personality, embrace it with bold colors that showcase your unique flair. On the other hand, if you prefer a more understated look, opt for timeless pieces that exude sophistication.

3. Professional and Polished

Remember, these headshots aren't just about looking good—they're about representing your professional brand. For businesses that require it, feel free to incorporate logos or attire that reflects your industry, whether it's a landscaping company or a construction firm.

4. Variety is Key

Alongside your classic headshots, you'll have the opportunity to capture a few candid shots in action, like working on the computer or calling a client on the phone. Dress accordingly for these scenarios to ensure your attire aligns with your role and the message you want to convey.

5. Quick and Easy

The actual headshot session at the Exchange will take less than 5 minutes, so you can get back to your busy schedule in no time! Its super simple. Just a few photos of you having a smile in a couple of locations. I do shoot mid body shots so theres always room for me to crop in later!

6. Don't Forget to Check Your Spam

Once your headshots are ready, they'll be delivered straight to your email inbox. Keep an eye out for them, and remember to check your spam folder, just in case. Additionally, they'll be conveniently available in an online gallery for easy downloading and printing access.

Remember, The Exchange has beautiful white walls and red brick locations that can serve as stunning backdrops for your headshots, so consider how your outfit will complement these settings.

Now that you're armed with these style tips, you're ready to rock your headshot session! Get ready to showcase your best self and leave a lasting impression. Cheers to capturing those picture-perfect moments!

See you then.

- Madds