Lets chat prep!

As a bubbly wedding and lifestyle photographer from the heart of the countryside, I know just how magical it is to capture the essence of childhood in photographs. Whether you're planning a professional photoshoot or aiming to seize those precious, candid moments, here's my take on how to prepare children of all ages for a photoshoot, even when dealing with late sunsets.


  1. Timing is Everything: Little bundles of joy are typically at their perkiest right after a nap or in the morning. Try to schedule your photoshoot during these golden hours.
  2. Comfort is King: Make sure your baby is well-fed, dry, and wrapped up in the coziest outfit they have. An unhappy tummy or itchy clothes can turn those smiles into frowns in no time.
  3. Pack the Essentials: Stock up on extra diapers, wipes, formula, or whatever your baby needs. And don't forget their favorite cuddly toy or blanket; it can work wonders!
  4. Tickle and Giggle: Engage their senses with gentle sounds or soothing music. A little tickle or a soft touch can coax out the cutest expressions.


  1. Time It Right: Toddlers are like little whirlwinds of energy. Plan your shoot when they're usually at their most active and enthusiastic.
  2. Bring Their Best Friends: You know, those cherished toys they can't go anywhere without? Bring them along; they make for adorable props and can keep your toddler engaged.
  3. Snack Attacks: Keep a stash of healthy snacks and drinks handy. Hunger can transform your sunshine into a storm cloud.
  4. Playtime is Prime: Allow for some play breaks. Let them explore, run around, and be their playful selves. These unscripted moments often turn into the most precious shots.


  1. Talk It Out: Have a friendly chat with your child beforehand. Explain the fun adventure you're embarking on and why it's going to be a blast.
  2. Style Their Shoot: Let them be part of the decision-making process. Choose their outfit together, so they feel like little fashionistas ready to conquer the world.
  3. Bring the Magic: If your kiddo has a hobby or interest, incorporate it into the photoshoot. It'll make the pictures extra special and authentic.
  4. Natural Poses Rule: While giving some easy directions is okay, don't forget to capture those candid, natural expressions. Kids have a way of lighting up a frame with their genuine smiles.


Late sunsets are like gold for us photographers, but with kids in tow, it can be a juggling act. Here's how to do it:

  1. Tweak the Nap Schedule: Gradually shift your child's nap routine by 15-30 minutes a day leading up to the photoshoot. It'll help them stay fresh and full of beans.
  2. Plan for Breaks: If the shoot runs into bedtime, set up a cozy spot with their bedtime must-haves. They can take quick breather breaks as needed.
  3. Keep It Cozy: Dress your child in comfy, weather-appropriate attire and have extra layers ready for when the temperature drops after sunset.
  4. Snack Attack: Don't forget to pack healthy snacks and a water bottle. Those little energy boosts can work wonders in keeping the mood upbeat.

In a nutshell, capturing the essence of childhood in photographs is all about creating a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. Let your little ones be themselves, and remember, late sunsets are just an opportunity to create even more magical memories.