who would of thought it would happen again...

lock down 2.0

On the 6th august, I texted Dom asking if she wanted to reschedule because of the freezing weather. It was pretty cold and cloudy. I love to shoot right on golden hour with the sun blaring through the trees. However, i just couldn't see that happening on this day, so texted Dom. She (luckily) said thats okay, we can brave the cold for half an hour. And i'm so glad they did! Check out their how their session started!

blanket time...

I knew from their first session, that these two smash through poses like a wild fire. So i brought my favourite blanket from Salty Aura.

And once again, the images show the love these two have for each other!

bring on their wedding

Dom and Jed are expecting to tie the knot in April 2022! Let's manifest good vibes and continuous amounts of good luck for this amazing couple!